How Video Sewer Pipe Inspection Works

How Video Sewer Pipe Inspection Works

A blocked or leaking sewer line is a major headache for a number of reasons. When you notice slow drainage or no drainage at all, you want to find out what’s causing the problem, right away. But sewer lines are buried for good reason, and they make discovering an obstruction or leak impossible with the naked eye. In the past, the only solution would have been to dig and expose the pipes to examine and fix the blockage or leak. This method was time-consuming, expensive and meant a lot of trenches that would have to be filled in after repairs were made. Fortunately, technology now enables professionals such as Tunnel Vision Pipeline Services to offer video pipe inspection. With our sewer line camera inspection capabilities, you can see for yourself what condition your pipes are in without digging up your entire lot.

How the Process Works

Sewer line video inspection is a fast and convenient way to locate problems within your pipes and lines. The process uses specialized fiber optic cameras that are small and extremely flexible. They are fed into the system from above and transmit a high-definition, crystal-clear, real-time view of the interior of a pipe. Here’s a quick rundown of how a pipeline video inspection typically works:

Entering the pipes — One of the most significant advantages of sewer pipe camera inspection is that you may not need to dig into the ground or cut into the main to repair it. Instead, a technician can use an existing cleanout port or other access point to get into the pipe.

Examining the mains — Using a flexible fiber optic camera inserted into the line, technicians take a close look at the main’s interior condition. Watching a real-time feed on a monitor or a digital video recording, they look for any signs of obstructions such as root clusters, sags, grease, or encrustation.

Evaluating the results — After the initial run-through with the camera, it is withdrawn from the pipes and the footage is reviewed more closely. This can help crews identify more subtle issues such as cracks, corroded walls or offset joints.

Choose Tunnel Vision Pipeline Services

As experts in a variety of pipe and pipeline services, no one understands the video inspection process as well as Tunnel Vision Pipeline Services. Our fully trained and qualified personnel use the latest and most advanced equipment on the market. This gives us an unparalleled ability to accurately and effectively diagnose any and all issues related to your lines. Our services can help you save money on repairs and ensure that any problems are completely remedied. To learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.