True Cost of Bad Inspection Data

True Cost of Bad Inspection Data

Capital spend decisions can be millions of dollars. Capital spend decisions are made based on data. So what is the true value of collected data?

Has anyone heard these before?

  • "We couldn't get through that section."
  • "Pipe wasn't accessible."
  • "Pipe was in too bad of shape to inspect."
  • "We couldn't get the camera up above the water."
  • "I don't remember why we couldn't do a reverse setup and go from the other end but we didn't."
  • "What can I say we missed some incidents? Maybe we can come over again when we have time."
  • "We can't get into X-inch pipe - nobody can."
  • "You have the reports and videos and paid the invoice. What's the problem???"

Pipe inspection is a data collection service. As anyone who has gone to a restaurant knows: service can be good and service can be bad. The difference is: while poor restaurant service can be an annoyance, poor pipe inspection service is the basis for millions of dollars in future decisions for your municipality, facility, agency, or client. One un-inspected run of pipe can be a future sinkhole under brand new blacktop, curb, and gutter. One rushed CCTV inspection can mean signs of infiltration aren't coded and millions of GPM of infiltration continue to be treated for years, even decades.

Some companies only inspect 2/3 of a job (the easy parts) and use a multitude of excuses for the rest to protect their profitability. This has become very common on commoditized open bid pipe inspection projects. Some companies have a single aged camera set-up and "get what they can". Some companies skip over entire sections of pipe entirely and treat the customer who asks legitimate questions as an annoyance (or worse) because they are the "pipe inspection experts". Sound familiar?

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Good service is never a commodity.