Municipal Pipe Services

Government / Municipal

Tunnel Vision works with federal and municipal government agencies for municipal sewer cleaning, as well as trenchless pipe location, inspection and repair services of all kinds.


Maintaining the wastewater management infrastructure is one of the greatest challenges facing government(s) in Michigan and throughout the U.S. Our entire sewer system is aging and overburdened, and with federal and municipal budgets stretched to the limited, funding and performing necessary repairs are ongoing challenges.

We can provide valuable support in critical areas of sewer system management:

  • Quality pipe inspection. With millions of feet of buried conduit inspected, we have the experience to provide cities and utilities with the most accurate assessment of their systems. We are committed to utilizing the latest advancements in tech to get the job done.
  • UV-cured CIPP. We are experts in industrial and sewer pipe rehabilitation. We have provided this service for years, which means we have the skill and experience necessary to deliver the best overall results for our municipal customers.
  • Full GIS services. Our highly trained in-house experts help our clients get the most out of GIS technology with the highest level of onsite performance and communication. Our capabilities in this area facilitate more effective pipe mapping and inspections.
  • Pipe and asset location. We use the most sophisticated GIS technology available to locate underground conduit, enabling government agencies to properly grade sections of sewer and other underground assets, making budget allocation and repair prioritization much more efficient.
  • Sectional repairs. We can provide municipal sewer services aimed at preventing larger problems from developing in the future. Among the issues we can address are longitudinal cracks, radial cracks and broken fragments.
  • Cleaning services and obstruction removal. Keep your systems flowing smoothly with our comprehensive sewer cleaning services. Our equipment includes the latest high-pressure jets and vacuum trucks, and all our work is monitored with video so you can be certain nothing is overlooked.
  • Sewer lateral repair. This trenchless repair solution solves a wide range of problems without the need to dig or replace an existing drainpipe.
  • Drain cleaning. Among the many capabilities we can provide to our municipal customers is full drain cleaning to keep your systems free from clogs and debris. Trust our experience to keep everything functioning at full capacity.
  • Catch basin and pipe cleaning. Your catch basins are crucial for proper operation, but only if they are kept clean. We can remove all leaves, stones, dirt and other kinds of sediment and debris that can accumulate in these areas.

We are proud of our ability to provide these services, all with minimal impact on the environment, at a lower cost, and with maximum effectiveness. Our capabilities not only enable you to stretch your budgets further, but also help you reduce the cost and frequency of future repairs with a quality repair that you know (through QA/QC data) was installed properly. The end result is a more reliable and effective system and a more satisfied customer base. We would be proud to leverage our extensive capabilities to support you and serve your community

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you maintain your sewer system more efficiently.