Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Catch Basin and Pipe Cleaning

Catch basins are a very important part of sewer systems and must be cleaned to ensure the overall drainange system is functioning properly. Catch basins capture leaves, stones, dirt, and other types of debris and sediment through grates, sump areas or curb inlets, preventing these materials from flowing into the main drainage system. If catch basins become clogged, water will not drain properly, causing floods and all the associated damage that goes along with flooding.

Tunnel Vision offers a full range of catch basin cleaning services for federal, municipal, commercial and residential customers. Don’t wait until you experience a back-up in your system to contact us — when your accumulation area is half full, you’ve reached the point where a cleaning is highly recommended.

In the Midwest, fall and spring are the key seasons to make sure catch basins are clean, since fallen leaves enter the drainage system most heavily at these times. Our catch basin cleaning company has all the tools and systems necessary for any type of catch basin cleaning, including:

  • Hydro-jet cleaning with high-power nozzles. Hydro-jets are suitable for small and large diameter pipes.
  • Excavation systems for drainage systems that run in areas adjacent to gas lines and other underground lines that could be damaged.
  • Vacuum systems to pull out dirt and debris that accumulates over long periods of time.

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