Expert GIS Integration for Trenchless Pipe Repair

Full GIS Services

With highly trained GIS (geographic information system) experts on staff, Tunnel Vision sets the standard for using GIS technology to achieve the highest level of onsite performance and customer communication.

With GIS services that do much more than simply use standard software to create a static GIS file, we have the ability to make any change necessary to any GIS file, achieving full GIS integration in several ways:

  • • All of our work crews are GPS-located. You can easily access a map online with live updates of cleaning and repairs.
  • • For your inspection, we provide fully-customized reports that provide granular data far beyond standard data outputs from canned inspection software.
  • • Our GIS data is secure, accessible and cloud-based, eliminating the need for external hard drives or other local storage.
  • • Tunnel Vision crews can access all media (video, reports, maps, etc.) from any mobile device, enabling them to make better and faster decisions, a crucial advantage when the unexpected occurs — and it always does.

Our ability to use this sophisticated GIS integration to observe the physical worksite as granularly as possible and also the work as it progresses is critical for achieving successful results in CIPP and other trenchless repair work:

  • • Engineers can make assessments more quickly and accurately and in less time. This has the effect of speeding up the work and reducing error.
  • • GIS mapping allows us to visibly identify the exact position of root intrusions, infiltrations and other irregularities, increasing work efficiency and taking guesswork out of project planning.
  • • Our detailed GIS reporting enables you to correct bad data or fill in gaps in your existing records, making future repair assessments much easier and less time-consuming.

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