Pipe and Asset Location

Pipe and Asset Location

Tunnel Vision goes far beyond standard underground pipe locator services, including sewer line locator service. Instead of relying on incomplete plans, worker memory and/or “as-built” instructions, we use a proven, technology-driven system to accurately pinpoint pipe location that clearly communicates the location and condition of a customer's assets.

Closing the Gap Between Pipe Inspection, GIS and Pipe Location Services

Our pipe locating company finds manholes with survey-grade instruments, and then loads all of the data into a GIS (geographic information system) file. All found assets are now fully condition coded and ready to analyze - giving asset managers accessible and actionable data immediately.

Deploying resources for pipe repair based on incomplete and inaccurate information can have catastrophic results and waste valuable capital. Tunnel Vision works with precision to remove the guesswork, using our decades of experience and state-of-the-art tools in our underground pipe locator and inspection data integration services.

Learn how we have produced full-service deliverables that not only inspect what you know, but also inspect, locate and map everything you don’t know.

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